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How do I make a Vector Graphic?

Posted by Outfab Team on

You can use a variety of programs from free open source software to expensive professional software. Some schools have software for free use. 

  1. Inkscape - Free! Easy to use for beginners, but some functionality is lacking. Download it here!
  2. CorelDRAW - the prefered professional software for designing laser cut parts. Many useful shortcuts in this program that are so helpful!
  3. Adobe Illustrator - a popular professional program, but doesn't have some shortcuts that make file set up easier. Occasionally imports with odd errors like fills instead of lines, half moons instead of circles. 
  4. AutoCAD - it works, but the file imports into our software with strange errors, jagged edges, and broken apart into tiny bits

Other programs like SolidWorks, or anything not listed above likely needs to be opened in one of the above programs and have the lines tweaked. Many programs do not save the color coding correctly, or otherwise alter shapes and lines when exporting to PDF.

Always be sure to use our file checker!

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