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Rush Processing & Shipping

This service is for customers that are in a time crunch and wish to boost their order to the top of the queue and receive their project via Next Day Expedited Delivery. 

Rush orders can be processed within 24 hours during business days at a fee of $25/square foot PLUS expedited shipping charges by weight. In order to get your order to you fast without confusion, rush processing requires both expedited shipping and the rush fee, no exceptions.

Orders must meet the following criteria in order to qualify for Rush Shipping and Processing: 

  • Files must pass the file checker
  • Files must be ready to cut as is, no revision is necessary on the customer's part
  • Order must be paid in full before we begin processing and cutting order
  • Absolutely no file substitutions or file additions to a Rush Processing + Shipping order. You must submit a new order.

PLEASE NOTE: We charge a flat shipping fee of $100. If your package costs less than $100 to ship UPS Expedited then we will refund the difference. Customers that cancel a Rush Shipping + Processing order will not receive the square foot deposit back, but will receive the expedited shipping charge.