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Outfab is the easiest way to laser cut anything from custom charms and pendants to signs and prototypes.  Shipping is free to USA. You don't need a quote, pricing is flat per unit size of material, and it does not depend on laser cutting time, i.e., $0 per minute. Your order is not finalized until you pay. Free 1"x3" sample laser cut projects available for most materials. Whether you are an artist or an engineer, there is no simpler way to materialize your ideas.

So, if you have imagination and 30 bucks, read on.

Vector graphic ready for laser cutting

You design

Laser cut butterfly
We custom laser cut

  What is the process for our custom laser cutting service?

Check out the open clipart library to get started.

If you can't or don't want
to use a vector graphics editor, drop us a line.



1 Choose a material for laser cutting (acrylic, wood, etc.) and create a file with the desired dimensions in a vector graphics editor. If you don't have one you can download Inkscape for free. No quote needed, price is flat per unit size of material (most unit sizes are 6"x12").
2 Design your project by following a few simple guidelines. You can use the Outfab design rule checker to make sure your project conforms to these guidelines.
3 Submit your design using the form below and check "INVOICE ME" You will enter your shipping address after we email the invoice.
4 After you receive an invoice in your email, you pay securely
through PayPal with your credit card, no PayPal account necessary. Your address must be entered when paying the invoice. We ship directly from PayPal and cannot be accountable to orders shipped to an outdated address.

... in a handful of days you receive your awesome project.



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